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Marine aquarium and its features

Keeping exotic marine fish in home aquariums began a long time ago. Of course, watching them play is very interesting, but you also need to be able to look after them correctly. Saltwater aquariums are very versatile, with unique fish and unusual algae and reefs that you will never see in a freshwater aquarium. Based on the complexity of the content, marine aquariums are divided into several categories, which differ in the composition of the inhabitants, design and equipment. The simplest and most affordable marine aquarium is a fishmonger for small individuals: clowns, chrysipters, dascyllas, thalassom, abedufduf, peacefully existing with each other. Rybnik with large predators (lionfish, grouper, squirrel, triggerfish, moray eels, crawfish) and a mixed marine aquarium are more difficult to maintain. The most sophisticated but aesthetically unique aquarium is the reef aquarium. It is home to various invertebrates and living corals; large fish are usually not settled here, since they